The great Addington Cricket Club

The great Addington Cricket Club

In 18th century English cricket there were some powerful teams. Punters can review live cricket online streaming 1xBet and use this platform to watch cricket matches being celebrated in England. One of the best teams from the middle of that century was the Addington Cricket Club.

This team had some great performances between the years 1743 and 1752. They had a broad selection of amazing players to choose from, including:

       Tom Faulkner;

       Joe Harris;

       John Harris;

       and George Jackson.


The online streamings that 1xBet offers that feature live cricket matches can also be used to make good in-play wagers. One of the first matches that there are accounts about that involved this team took place in 1744. At that time, the team wanted to play the Slindon Challenge. The team that they faced back then was the Bromley Cricket Club.

Scarce information

Not much is known about when the Addington Cricket Club was founded or when their very first match took place. However, it is known that they played against the London Cricket Club in a match that took place in 1744 and which was played in the Artillery Ground. To wager on other interesting matches, some IPL betting 2023 - 1xBet features those matches.


That aforementioned match between London and Addington, the latter was the winning with a total difference of four runs.


There was an idea to repeat the contest a few weeks later. However, bad weather prevented this match from going ahead. As a result, it was canceled. The matches that are not canceled are the IPL ones, and punters can start betting on its 2023 season by going to the 1xBet bookmaker.

A highly talented squad

According to other accounts, the best players of the Addington Cricket Club also took part in many single-wicket games. This form of the sport was highly popular back then. For this reason, it was not rare to see great cricketers also playing this format of the discipline. Currently the best bet app is 1xBet, and after downloading it, users will be able to see the wide range of cricket matches that are available.


Despite having highly talented players that could play different forms of the game, the team lost an extremely important match in 1750. This contest was played against Dartford. It can be said that this contest started to indicate the downfall of the club.


There are no more accounts referring to formal matches played by Addington after this year. However, this is still a great club that is worth remembering, especially when considering their golden decade. At this moment, the best app for making a bet is the one offered by 1xBet, which is free and available for Android and iOS.

Oct 29 2022 6:56AM