Differences between truck operators' union and rice millers association Kotkapura resolved-Ashok Goel,general secretary Ahartia Association Kotkpaura




The differences between the truck operators’ union and rice millers association Kotkapura were resolved in a meeting held at the office of Ashok Kumar Goel, general secretary Ahartia Association Kotkapura on Tuesday evening.

“All the differences have now been resolved and there is no issue between the local truck operators’ union and rice millers association. Earlier, some allegations were levelled against the truck operators that some Goonda tax is allegedly being charged by some of them. But there was nothing like this. Some differences had been there, which have now been amicably resolved,” said Goel in a press release to the media today.

Goel said that the meeting was attended by the representatives of the truck operators’ union, rice millers association besides the owners of some other flour mills etc.

“All the issues have been resolved in the presence of all the above besides it, Birinder Singh Sandhwan, brother of Kotkapura MLA and speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan was also present during the meeting,” Goel said.

Goel further said that now the rice millers have been exempted from hiring local transport to transport the rice husk and rice bran.

“They can now transport these two things as they wish because the delay in transportation led to a loss to them. For others, they would call for hiring trucks from the local truck operator union.The truck operators' representatives have assured in the meeting that there will be smooth functioning of the transportation without any hassle.

Goel said that the former chairman of rice millers association has also resigned from his post with immediate effect.


Feb 2 2023 7:37AM