Drug trafficking ring busted in Canada’s Toronto, three Punjab-origin men arrested

Drug trafficking ring busted in Canada’s Toronto, three Punjab-origin men arrested

Ottawa: Three alleged smugglers of Punjab-origin were among six people who have been charged in the Peel municipality in Toronto, in connection with an international drug trafficking ring, which led to the seizure of USD 25 million worth of illegal narcotics.


According to the Peel Regional Police statement, among the six people were arrested in the major drug bust.

The Punjabi accused has been identified as Jaspreet Singh, 28, of Brampton; Ravinder Boparai, 27, of Mississauga; Gurdeep Gakhal, 38, of Caledon.

Peel Regional Police said these people were involved in an intricate international drug trafficking enterprise.

The investigations that were part of the joint operation lasted 11 months and resulted in the seizure of illegal narcotics with a street value of over USD 25 million, including 182 kg of methamphetamine, 166 kg of cocaine and 38 kg of ketamine, according to the statement.

Peel Regional Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah said, "Guns, gangs and drugs are of the highest priority for our service. With funding from the Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario (CISO) and collaborations with the enforcement community, our investigators have made a significant impact to organized crime in our region,"

Inspector Todd Custance, Specialised Enforcement Bureau (SEB), said, "The seizures of these drugs represent a significant financial impact to organised crime, which in turn will limit their ability to finance future illicit activities."

In November 2021, Peel Regional Police SEB identified persons of interest related to the illegal distribution of illicit drugs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Subsequent investigation identified a complex drug trafficking enterprise that spanned international borders, police said.

Police investigation revealed that members of this group used commercial trucking businesses to transport drugs from the United States directly to the Region of Peel and surrounding areas of the GTA.



Oct 26 2022 11:23PM