Waiting for eclipse in India, solar eclipse continues abroad, interesting facts about partial solar eclipse

Waiting for eclipse in India, solar eclipse continues abroad, interesting facts about partial solar eclipse

NEW DELHI: The solar eclipse is going to start sometime from now. This will be a partial solar eclipse and the eclipse will also end with sunset. This solar eclipse can be seen in many parts of the world including India. Due to the eclipse in India, its Sutak period will be valid. The Sutak period of the eclipse continues.


Partial solar eclipses can be seen up to 3,000 miles from the "track" of totality. The partial solar eclipse phase can last over an hour.

Why keep basil leaves in food items during eclipse


According to religious beliefs, all kinds of food and drink become impure during a solar eclipse. For this reason, basil leaves are put in the food items so that the solar eclipse does not have a negative effect. During the eclipse, negative and contaminating rays are spread in the atmosphere which has been considered injurious to health. Tulsi leaves have great importance in Ayurveda. Basil leaves are lifesaving. Tulsi has a lot of anti-bacterial and iron elements. By consuming it, the immunity of the person increases.

If you are pregnant, should you not watch an eclipse because it can harm your baby?

“This is related to the false idea that harmful radiations are emitted during a total solar eclipse. Although the electromagnetic radiation from the corona, seen as light, is perfectly safe, there is another form of radiation that travels to Earth from the sun. Deep in the solar interior where nuclear fusion takes place to light the sun, particles called neutrinos are born, and zip unimpeded out of the sun and into space. They also pass through the solid body of the moon during the eclipse and a second or so later reach Earth and pass through it too! Every second, your body is pelted by trillions of these neutrinos no matter if the sun is above or below the horizon. The only consequence is that every few minutes a few atoms in your body are transmuted into a different isotope by absorbing a neutrino. This is an entirely harmless effect and would not harm you, or if you are pregnant, the developing fetus,” NASA reveals.

Oct 25 2022 3:22AM