Kaumi Kisan Union stages protest in front of Kultar Singh Sandhwan’s house against the thefts of motors,wires and transformers


Kaumi Kisan Union stages protest in front of Kultar Singh Sandhwan’s house against the thefts of motors,wires and transformers


  • “We have been sitting in protest since September 14 at the mini secretariat, but are unheard of so far,” Binder Singh Golewala, state president of Kaumi Kisan Union Faridkot.
  • “I am also a farmer and have also spoken to the DGP in this regard, but we want the cooperation of the farmers as well. The problem would be sorted out soon,” Kultar Singh Sandhwan, speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha speaking to the Punjab Tribune.
  • “I was not aware about the assurance given to the farmers by the district administration. But now I have also spoken to the SSP and concerned authorities why the protest is on. We are committed to get justice for the farmers,” Gurdit Singh Sekhon,MLA Faridkot.


Faridkot: Kaumi Kisan Union, a broke away fraction from BKU Rajowal, on Wednesday staged a protest outside the resident of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Kultar Singh Sandhwan.

Many farmers under the banner of the KKU marched towards village Sandhwan from Faridkot,where the union is on protest since September 14.

The kisan union has alleged that there is a large scale theft of mono -block motors in the Hathar villages(villages with sandy soil, westwards of Faridkot town) besides the theft of the expensive cables connecting the submersible pumps to the transformers and even many transformers are stolen.

“Since we have been sitting on the stage protest since September 14 on the premises of the mini secretariat, nearly 100 mono block pumps have been stolen from three four villages. The thieves come as gangs and steal the mono block motors, transformers and wires which cost the farmers a lot. The problem is not only confined to the Faridkot district, but it is the problem of the state.The little police action can not satisfy the farmers. Since  we have been sitting on protest, no senior police officer has come to assure us that our problem will be taken seriously,” said Binder Singh Golewala ,the State President of the Kaumi Kisan Union Faridkot, speaking to the Punjab Tribune.

he alleged that police do not make efforts to nab the thieves.

“We had planned a protest outside the residence of Gurdit Singh Sekhon on September 24. But we were assured that we shall be availed a hearing with the chief minister Punjab Bhagwant Singh Mann, who was scheduled to visit the same day. But we are pained that we were betrayed. We were asked that we shall be arranged to meet the chief minister at police lines before his chopper flies. We we were made to sit in the police lines. First, we were told that the chopper is not able to fly due to inclement weather and we waited, but then the CM flew without getting our charter of demands(Mang Pattar).,” said Binder Singh Golewala.

“So as we felt cheated, we planned to stage the protest in front of the speaker’s house today and shall give a big programme in this regarding. We want that our meeting be arranged with the CM,” Golewala said.

“The Bhagwant Mann government before elections said that no protests would be needed in AAP government, but we want to ask as to why we are unheard now,” Golewala said.

Gurdit Singh Sekhon ,MLA Faridkot speaks about the CM programme

“The assurance to the farmers was given by the district administration and I was not aware about it. Now I have also spoken to the concerned authorities as to why the farmers have to sit on the protests. I am committed to the farmers welfare and the issue will be resolved shortly.The farmers are the backbone of the country and their problems must be heard.,” said Gurdit Singh Sekhon, MLA Faridkot.

Kultar Singh Sandhwan, speaker Punjab Vidhan Sabha speaks

When contacted, Kultar Singh Sandhwan, speaker Vidhan Sabha Punjab said that he was himself a farmer.”I am myself a farmer and I have even spoken to the DGP Punjab in this regard. We are committed to eradicate the crime from the society. But I also appeal to the farmers that they must remain alert. The issue of the alleged thefts would be soon resolved. The Bhagwant Mann government is committed to the welfare of the state and no crime will be tolerated at any cost,” Sandhwan said when contacted by Punjab Tribune.

“I am always ready to listen to the farmers grievances,” he said.

Sep 28 2022 7:21AM
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