Bring more area under DSR-Vineet Kumar,DC Faridkot

Bring more area under DSR-Vineet Kumar,DC Faridkot
Vineet Kumar,DC Faridkot has appealed to the farmers to bring more area under direct sowing of rice(DSR) to save the sub soil water.
"The main focus of the government is to promote the DSR technique to save depleting water tables in the state. Those who apply this technique to sow paddy,instead of flooded transplantation, would be given an honorarium of Rs 1500 per acre. For this purpose, the farmers can get themselves registered on the portal. They only need to fill up the details of land, the other data about bank accounts would be picked up from the Mandi board portal as the farmers have already submitted it," said Vineet Kumar,DC Faridkot.
Basmati and short duration varieties are the best choice for this technique.
The DSR technique requires about 20 percent less water than the manual translation of paddy.


But despite the all out efforts of the government, the area under DSR could not be substantially covered because of the thick growth of the weeds which resulted in the decrease of the yield and cost farmers more.

Jun 14 2024 12:47AM