Deputy Commissioner directs officers to ensure robust pre-monsoon flood prevention measures

DC,directs officers, pre-monsoon flood prevention ,

Deputy Commissioner directs officers to ensure robust pre-monsoon flood prevention measures

To prevent potential floods during the monsoon season, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Himanshu Aggarwal today reviewed the ongoing flood prevention arrangements in the district and issued strict directives to officers to ensure robust pre-monsoon preparations.

In a meeting held in March, the Deputy Commissioner had assigned various departments updated tasks for potential flood prevention. Reviewing the progress of these updated works, he emphasized that all arrangements should be completed before the monsoon. He stated that proactive preparation will ensure for effective handling of any crisis.

During the meeting at the District Administrative Complex today, Dr. Aggarwal stressed the importance of interdepartmental coordination and vigilance to prevent any untoward incidents. He warned that any negligence in flood prevention measures would not be tolerated, and responsibility for any shortcomings would be fixed on the concerned officials.

Dr. Aggarwal instructed that the drainage, sewers, and nullahs in cities and villages should be cleaned before the rains. Necessary arrangements should be implemented to prevent waterlogging. He reviewed the progress of repair work on broken bridges, water drainage, strengthening of vulnerable areas, and other flood prevention measures, directing priority completion.

He mentioned that flood lights, search lights, life jackets, wireless sets, ropes, boats, and other equipment should be checked in advance. Any repairs or new purchases needed should be done immediately.

The Deputy Commissioner informed that a district-level flood control room has already been established, with staff duties assigned. He also instructed the establishment of flood control rooms at the tehsil level as soon as possible. Coordination with the Bhakra-Beas Management was emphasized to ensure real-time water level updates, preventing administrative issues during potential floods.

He directed the officers to ensure the timely completion of tasks related to safe drinking water, ration supply, petrol-diesel supply, medical teams and medicines, animal medicines and fodder, spraying, fogging machines, communication systems, vehicle arrangements, swimmers, boat operators, and divers.

Dr. Aggarwal also instructed the identification of high-ground locations in villages and cities for setting up relief camps in case of floods. Present at the meeting were Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Major Dr. Amit Mahajan, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Rural Development) Lakhwinder Singh Randhawa, SDM Balbir Raj Singh, SDM Amanpal Singh, SDM Rishabh Bansal, District Revenue Officer Navdeep Singh, and officials from various departments.

Jun 11 2024 6:42AM
DC,directs officers, pre-monsoon flood prevention ,