AAP itself led to its defeat,took the people of Punjab as granted, ignored their expectations after assembly elections


Party even had no cadre of dedicated workers, with little sense of system, they play the roles of so called PAs in villages.



The AAP, which aimed to win all the 13 seats of parliament in Punjab only won three seats because of its own faults, mistakes and breach of promises.

Now as the Punjab chief minsiter Bhagwant Mann is holding the meeting of the party office bearers, it is going to serve little purpose.

The people again tried to teach a lesson to the AAP which got mass support during the assembly elections because its elected representatives did not appeal to the voters.

The Self came above being selfless.

“During the assembly elections in 2022, the people did not vote for the AAP, rather they wanted to defeat the SAD and congress.The AAP made tall promises to the people and said that even it would do away with the VVIP security culture and assured to do something different. But after its easy win, the party leaders assumed an air of arrogance and superiority. Alone Bhagwant Mann can not do much while the lower rung leaders are not so connected to the people. Even corruption is there, AAP government failed to break the chain of the drug cartel.The issue of the sacrilege is still there,so AAP is no different than other traditional parties,” said a Kotkapura resident withsing ot to be named.

Now the rise of congress is not an indication of any new ideology and vision for Punjab, but again it is the result of the public disagreement with AAP.

The coming back of the same politicians, who were rejected by the people of Punjab is not a welcome move. The state would go the same way as earlier.

The Punjab chief minsiter Bhagwant Mann often claims in his speeches that he has files of some particular political and action that would be there, but nothing happens on the ground.

Mann has also claimed that there were irregularities and illegalities in the construction of Sukhbir Badal’s five star hotel, But Badal has dared CM to take any action against him.

The nominations of Rajya Sabha members from Punjab also did not go down well among the Punjabis.

Women were promised Rs 1000 monthly help, but it was not implemented.

Because of the age of social media, people have become very wise. They do not take long to reject any political party.

“The youth is frustrated and aware of the hypocrisies of politicians and their dissatisfaction changes the results,” said a woman not wishing to be named.

“There are some people like the SAD and Congress leaders who keep surrounding the AAP leaders, making a coterie around them and the public is pushed away. The Akalis and congressmen from our village are now with the AAP MLAs while the true supporters of AAP, who had been working for it since the party came into being were ignored,” said a man from village Sirsari of Faridkot.

The people also do not like the interference of Delhi in Punjab.

The Punjab chief minister has done two best works, one is the supply of canal water to the farmers and daily regular supply of power to the tubewells.

During the previous governments, the tube wells used to get supply even at shivering winter nights when nobody could utilize it and canal water used to be on and off.

Now CM must listen to the grievances of the public instead of holding meetings of his MLAs, ministers and office bearers.

The dramatic arrest of Amritpal Singh and sending him to Dibrugarh instead of jailing in Punjab was another issue which distanced some section of voters.

Now gone are the days when the old generation used to cast their votes for decades to either Panth or congress. Now changes happen even faster than expected.

Even the role of the media, print or electronic, badly fails to play with the election  results by playing with the emotions of voters. Who will vote for whom is unpredictable.

Jun 10 2024 12:01AM