Jalandhar administration targets 70% voter turnout as business establishments offer discounts;

Jalandhar ,administration, targets 70% voter turnout ,;

Jalandhar administration targets 70% voter turnout as business establishments offer discounts;

Despite the scorching heat, the district administration of Jalandhar, led by Deputy Commissioner Dr. Himanshu Aggarwal, is determined to achieve a 70 % voter turnout in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. An innovative initiative has seen 360 business establishments in the district offer attractive discounts to encourage voter participation.

This campaign is particularly aimed at motivating youngsters to participate in the country's largest democratic festival. As part of the initiative, 124 restaurants are offering up to a 25% discount on June 1 for voters who show their inked fingers after polling.

Additionally, 185 IELTS coaching institutes and immigration consultants are providing up to a 50 % discount on their one-month fees and visa application fees for voters between June 1 and 10.

Similarly, 15 sports stores are offering up to a 25 % discount on sports goods for voters on June 1, 2024. Furthermore, 36 travel consultants have announced up to a 50 % discount on travel bookings for those who cast their votes.

Deputy Commissioner Dr. Himanshu Aggarwal emphasized that these partnerships reflect the Jalandhar Administration's commitment to achieving a high voter turnout. He assured that all necessary arrangements have been made at polling stations to facilitate voters, particularly in the face of extreme heat. Measures include adequate shading, water supplies, and medical assistance to ensure a comfortable voting experience.

Dr. Aggarwal also highlighted the administration's broader efforts to boost voting percentages. These include the creation of graffiti on walls to inspire civic duty, an extensive awareness drive under the Systematic Voters' Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) program, and the distribution of voter slips.

"We are leaving no stone unturned to achieve our target of above 70 % polling," said Dr. Aggarwal. "These discounts and offers are just one part of a comprehensive strategy to engage voters and emphasize the importance of their participation in the democratic process."

The initiative has been well-received by the local business community, which sees it as an opportunity to contribute to the democratic process while attracting customers. By combining civic duty with economic incentives, the Jalandhar Administration hopes to create a significant impact on voter turnout, ensuring that more citizens exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections.

This innovative approach exemplifies how creative strategies can enhance civic engagement and underscores the district's commitment to a robust and participatory democratic process.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Administration had organized a district-level event to inform people about this initiative taken by the Jalandhar Administration so that maximum people can avail the benefit of these offerings. over 700 people participated in the event and hailed these efforts to encourage voters to exercise their franchise.

May 29 2024 5:11AM
Jalandhar ,administration, targets 70% voter turnout ,;