West Point School achieves remarkable class 10th result, National Toppers.

West Point School achieves remarkable class 10th result, National Toppers.
Students of West Point School, Kotkapura, have once again demonstrated exceptional academic prowess in the class 10th CBSE board exams. Kashvi Verma (96.6%) topper of the batch followed by Saumya Gupta (96.4%) and Harjot Kaur (96.2%) and Lakshit Goyal (96.2%). 
The school boasts a commendable record with 40% of students scoring 90% and above, 60% achieving80% and above. Notably, in maths Saumya, Kashvi, Havish and Lovish were national toppers with perfect 100s, Lakshit, Harjot, and Hardik each achieved an impressive score of 98. Priyasha, Tanisha, and Raghav followed closely with scores of 97. Manseerat earned a notable 96, while Bhumika and Karanbeer both secured scores of 95. In Punjabi Lakshit and Naman were national toppers with perfect 100s, Kashvi Verma scored an impressive 99. Havish, Priyasha, Pawandeep, Rhythm, Kashvi, Sanchita, and Girisha each secured a strong 98. Harjot, Hardik, Anusha, Navreet, and Harmeet followed closely with scores of 97. Saumya, Manseerat, Khushi, Kulwinder, Parmeet, and Tejaswi each earned a notable 96. Sukhmandeep, Ekamjot, Hunerdeep, Gurasees, Divya, Khushi Sharma, and Sukhraj each scored 95. Armandeep Singh Brar scored 93. In English Saumya (98) scored the highest in the batch. In IT Arnav (98) scored the highest in the batch, Kashvi and Harjot each scored 95. In SST Harjot (97), Lakshit (97) and Hardik (97) scored the highest in the batch, Pawandeep scored a notable 96, while Saumya, Priyasha, Rhythm, and Manseerat each earned a commendable 95. In Science Harjot (96), Lakshit (96) and Havish (96) scored highest in the batch, Kashvi achieved a commendable score of 95. In Hindi Lakshit (95) and Saumya (95) scored highest in the batch. 
Students getting 90% and above are Kashvi Verma leading at 96.6%, followed by Saumya Gupta at 96.4%. Lakshit Goyal and Harjot Kaur both scored 96.2%. Other notable scores include Priyasha Goyal with 94.4%, Havish Monga with 94.2%, and Pawandeep Sharma with 93.6%. Bhumika scored 93.2%, Hardik Bansal 92.8%. Rhythm Goyal achieved 92.4%, while Naman Thapar and Tanisha Goyal both scored 91.8%. Manseerat earned 91.2%, Lovish Mittal 90.8%, Sanchita 90.2%, and Raghav Kaura 90%. 
Addressing the students, School Director S. Himmat Singh Nakai and Principal Mrs. Harleen Nakai praised their achievements and encouraged them to strive for excellence in all areas of life. "Our students have not only excelled academically but have also made significant strides in sports and extracurricular activities. At West Point, we believe in providing holistic development, preparing our students to face future challenges with confidence and integrity," they said.
They also congratulated the staff and complimented their determination and hard work. They further motivated the students by stating, "Your hard work and dedication have paid off splendidly. Remember, this is just the beginning of a bright future. Continue to aim high, and never stop learning. We are proud of each one of you."
The consistent success of West Point School students is a testament to the institution's commitment to academic excellence and all-around development. This year's results reinforce the school's reputation as a nurturing ground for future leaders.

May 20 2024 2:05AM