Dallewal criticizes the govt move to impose Rs 2 cut for moisture, opening way loot farmers

Dallewal criticizes the govt move to impose Rs 2 cut for moisture, opening way loot farmers


"The specifications of the government about procurement of  wheat are very harsh, we reject those because they are not practically possible for implementation," said Jagjeet Singh Dallewal.



Bhari kisan Union Sidhupur Ekta state president Jagjeet Singh Dallewal on Sunday flayed the decision of the union government/FCI for imposing a Rs 2 per quintal cut if the moisture content in the wheat exceeds 12 per cent.

“The union government/FCI has come out with specifications that it would not procure the wheat if it has moisture content above 14 per cent. They said if the moisture content is upto 12 percent, the produce would be procured. If it is between 12 and 14, Rs 2 per quintal cut would be imposed and if the moisture content is above 14, no produce would be procured by the government agencies,” said Dallewal in a facebook post today.

“We outrightly reject these specifications for the procurement of wheat. The crop mostly depends upon the weather conditions. Thousands of acres of the crop has been damaged by rains and hailstorms. The moisture content goes up when the weather is not clear. The farmers have nothing to do with it,” he said.

“I also urge the state government to take upon itself the responsibility of procurement of the crops. If the private millers can buy and export the produce, why can the state government not do it? Actually, both the state and centre governments are on an equal path to destroy the farmers,” he said.

Dallewal also urged the centre to honestly launch the crop insurance scheme by taking per acre units into account.

He warned the state and union government that if the crop is not procured smoothly, the farmers would not sit silently.

They would again go on the path of protests and launch an agitation.

“If we allow this Rs 2 cut, it would further open up a way for the government to impose such cuts on other crops as well and the farmers would be at the receiving end,” said Dallewal.

The government specifications are very rigid and unacceptable,” he said.

Apr 24 2024 1:58AM