Amid the four cornered contest, Punjab stares at a political vacuum, Who should be voted for?Nota?

While there is at least four major parties in the election fray in Punjab, still the serious voters wonder who should be voted for?The reason, they had first sidelined the SAD whose president, Sukhbir Singh Badal once boasted that the SAD-BJP alliance would rule for the next 25 years. The SAD even tried to capture all the political space including the dominance of the independent organization to keep it going. Even bringing the police stations under the one assembly constituency to ensure that no one can go to get justice bypassing its MLA or Halqua incharge. But the issue of the Behbal Kalan and Bargari incidents, remission of the dera sacha sauda chief Ram Rahim left it struggling.
The charisma of the 2007to 2012 of Captain Amarinder Singh government attracted the people to elect the congress because of its achievements and rule of law during that five years of regime.Captain vowed to eliminate drugs by The Gtka Sahib, eliminate all kinds of mafia, but ended in failure.
Now the people of Punjab had the last option of Arvind Kejriwal led AAP, they outrightly rejected the SAD and Congress and switched over to AAP giving it a brute majority kicking all the alurements by the SAD and the congress.
But now AAP has lost its charm. The party has even fielded turncoats and its 10 MLS are to contest LOk Sabha. But people are not satisfied with it as well.
The drugs are there, other mafisa are there and the party has failed to fulfil its promises.
When the CM Mann says," You would have to switch off your tube wells yourself," it means it is a destructive point for Punjab.
Rs 1000 promise to the women is yet to see the daylight.
The village connected roads are broken.
The staying away of AAP leaders from farm protesters is questionable.Even FIR in the death of Shubhkaran and brutally beating of a farmer,Pirtpal Singh, needs answers.
BJP is being cornered by the farmers due to its atrocities on the farmers, particularly at the farmers protest 2.0 though the farmers unions too had allegedly misled the protesters.
Now SAD is struggling to gain the ground, but nowhere to the point. As for its policies during it spower, it first marginalized former cabinet minister Gurdev Singh Badal,s family, but now fielded the late minister's grandson, who has little recognition in the constituency.
Hansraj of BJP and Karamjeet Anmol, who has now started wearing turban and has become Karamjeet Singh Anmol are also outsiders.
The SAD leadership faces sacrilege issues, so does congress and AAP. The BJP faces ire of the farmers.
"The AAP has failed to come up to the expectations of the people of Punjab, but going back to SAD and congres is the worst," said former DSP Balwinder Singh Sekehon speaking to a private channel.
'Elect good people though they are independent," he appeals announcing his candidature from Sangrur.
"The political vacuum is not only three in Punjab, but it is a pan Indian phenomenon. The individuals have risen above the party. The BJP is mainly dominated by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and so are others. Since privatization has taken the major driving seat in the country for the past decades, the political vacuum is there. Now in BJP, Prime Minister Modi is more being opposed than the party itself. There is a sense among the people that the present regime wants to snatch away the food of the common man by bringing into view the corporate houses," said Darshan Singh Dhilkwan, former Zila Parishad Member from Faridkot.
 "They have served their selfish interests and we shall not vote for them. We voted them to power, but they are the same as the congress and akali leaders," said Bittu, a daily wager from Kotkapura.
But who will they vote for? the question stares at the votres.

Apr 19 2024 11:39PM