Vacation of Phillaur Fort: residents seek PM’s intervention.

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Vacation of Phillaur Fort: residents seek PM’s intervention.



The Punjab State residents have sought the prime minister of India’s intervention to vacate the National monument Phillaur fort from illegal occupation by the Punjab police.

Dilbag Singh a resident of Baina Pur village and social activist in a representation to prime minister Narendra Modi said that article 49 of the Constitution of India casts a duty on the state for the protection of monuments, places, and objects of national importance and the ancient monuments and archaeological sites and remains act of 1958 was enacted for the preservation of ancient and historical monuments and archaeological sites and remains of national importance.

  Dilbag Singh said that the central government declared Maharaja Ranjit Singh fort Phillaur in Punjab as a national monument on July 1, 2008.

He said in his representation that this iconic national monument received no federal protection in the last one and half decades and is facing threats from desecration and decay among others.

Dilbag Singh said that this fort is encroached upon by Punjab police and has not been open to the public and tourists. The glory and grandeur of the fort of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Sher-E-Punjab are totally incompatible with the existence of Punjab police in the fort complex Dilbag singh said the archaeological survey of India, agency to implement the ancient monuments act is under pressure from Punjab police and failed to terminate an agreement of July 9, 2014, signed with the government of Punjab regarding maintenance of the fort.

 Dilbag Singh said that he had urged the union culture minister, union culture, secretary, and director general of the archaeological survey of India to terminate this agreement but to no avail.

 Dilbag Singh requested prime minister Narendra Modi to cancel this agreement and direct the culture ministry to take necessary steps to preserve this national monument.



Jan 24 2023 4:37AM
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