I’ve been all wrong, entirely, completely wrong. I’ve been crying myself hoarse over all the wrong reasons. Wake up, show the inner strength, the spirit, and the jazba, save Punjab, and revive the spirit of the martyrs and the freedom fighters to make the state and then the country a better place.

Why Bihar can treat only 0.3% of its malnourished children

Of 5 million malnourished children under five in Bihar, no more than 0.3 per cent, or one in 340 -- at best -- can be treated at the state's 38 nutrition rehabilitation centres (NRCs), the first line of primary care against a condition that can permanently inhibit future potential in a region with India's youngest population.

Why Bijnor communal villainy did not spread

I had the Muzaffarnagar riots of February 2013 at the back of my mind when I drove towards Pedda village on the Bijnor-Najibabad Road where three Muslims had been shot dead by Jats who fired with guns and pistols from the terraces of their homes.

'A Bridge Too Far': An audacious operation's astonishing story

On this September day, over seven decades ago, a most audacious Allied operation, intended to wrap up the Second World War by 1944 itself, ended ignominiously with shattered remnants of their elite forces withdrawing or marching into captivity. With its ambitious, over-optimistic planning but sheer bravery on the ground, Operation Market Garden is possibly one of the war's best-known episodes, mainly due to a big budget, multi-star Hollywood film, whose most incongruous bits are the truest, and an episode of a popular American TV series. Both owe their origin to books.

India to miss target for universal upper-secondary education by 50 Years

India will not have universal upper secondary education (covering the age group 14-17 years and 9th to 12th standard) till 2085, over half a century late, according to the Global Education Monitoring Report 2016 by Unesco.

Business needs and social good are in synergy

You want to help. Your heart is in the right place. You come with a pedigree. You are talented. You want to live with a spirit of generosity and integrity. Now what?

E-waste can be turned into an economic opportunity: Expert

 An Indian-Australian scientist who has been looking for ways to transform waste into something useful, said here on Saturday that non-metallic waste can be turned into new economic opportunity.

Is technology a boon or bane for teenagers?

As an educator I am often asked: "Is technology a boon or a bane?"

Urjit Patel could herald climate change-financial world links

Historically, central bank chiefs have overlooked the risks due to climate change and focused on tinkering with the repo rate. They act as monetary technicians to reduce the risks for the savers and investors. Inflation, interest rates and currency are the drivers of their anxieties rather than the economic impact of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and global warming.

More male foeticides than female: Government data indicates vast under-reporting

More male babies were victims of foeticide than female in 2014, the latest year for which data is available, according to national crime data, indicating the extent of under-reporting.

Gita and Gandhi by Dr Satish K Kapoor

The Bhagavadgita  is a religious classic of perennial worth. It  is an inexhaustible source of divine inspiration and a guide to holistic living. It occurs in the Bhishma-Parvan of the Mahabharata and has eighteen chapters in dialogic form. 

India needs to tread the innovation path to progess

Innovation worries us. At one level, many perceive it as a threat to their jobs and, in fact, to their way of thinking and behaving. It challenges what they are used to. At another and more profound level, there is genuine fear of failure. 

Only 1 of 27 Indian sports bodies has athlete as president

Indian marathon runner O.P. Jaisha said she fainted at the Rio Olympics on a hot, humid day because no Indian sports official provided her with water or glucose water, a reminder that sports federations in India are often ignorant of sporting requirements.

Why India wins only a few Olympic medals

The joy felt by Indians over the successes of P.V. Sindhu in badminton, Sakshi Malik in wrestling and Dipa Karmakar in gymnastics is understandable.

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