With MRI, researchers find autism biomarkers in infancy

 Researchers studying the brains of infants who have older siblings with autism were able to identify 80 per cent of the babies who would be subsequently diagnosed with autism at two years of age.

Shabana Azmi lays stress on vaccine for diarrhea

Actress Shabana Azmi on Sunday emphasised the importance of rotavirus vaccine which helps prevent diarrhea and save lives.

Rotavirus vaccinaion launched for five more states

Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda on Saturday launched Rotavirus vaccination for five more states in the country to immunise children against diarrhoea, one of the major causes of child deaths in India.

Zero pollution may spike asthma in kids

Are you making the environment and water a bit too clean for your kids? Beware! You may be depriving them of the good microbes that may protect them against various illness, researchers warn.

DNA computer that may boost controlled drug delivery

 In a first, researchers have developed a novel DNA computer that is capable of detecting several antibodies in the blood, that may allow better control of the medication for diseases like rheumatism and Crohn's.

Vitamins B supplements may help reduce schizophrenia symptoms

 Treating schizophrenia patients with high-dose B-vitamins -- including B6, B8 and B12 -- supplements may significantly reduce symptoms of the mental disorder that affects nearly one per cent of the population more than standard treatments alone, researchers suggest.

Scientists appeal for more people to donate their brains

New York, Feb 17 (IANS) Scientists are appealing for more people to donate their brains for research after they die, a media report said on Friday.

Father's diet linked to son's ability to reproduce

Debunking the view that males just pass on genetic material and not much else to their offspring, a new study suggests that father's high-protein diet may increase son's ability to reproduce.

MRI scans can predict babies at risk of autism

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of babies at 6 and 12 months with older siblings with autism may correctly predict 80 per cent of those infants who may develop it at two years of age, researchers have found.

Fight your cold and flu with Vitamin D

 Regular intake of Vitamin D supplements may help protect against cold and flu, as well as tackle high levels of the vitamin's deficiency in countries like India, a study has said.

Modi Govt puts an end to “loot” of Cardiologists, stent prices slashed by up to 85%

What you may term it as curbing the “loot” of Cardiologists, as Narindra Modi led NDA Government has reduced the prices of stent up to 85% to extend relief to the heart patients.

Your belly fat may up diabetes, heart disease risk

If you are having an apple shaped body -- in which weight is deposited around the abdomen -- it may be high time to reduce the belly fat.

95 Lakh children targeted to be given de-worming tablets on Wednesday

 Punjab is observing mass deworming day today i.e. 15thFebruary 2017 across the State through the network of  schools and anganwadi centers and for those out-of-schools through AWC with mobilization by ASHA.

Children in schools/ anganwadis' to be given De-worming tablets across Punjab on 15th Feb 2017

 Punjab is observing mass deworming day on 15thFebruary 2017 and mop up day on 20th Februray 2017, across the State through the network of  schools and anganwadi centers and for those out-of-schools through AWC with mobilization by ASHA. This is being done on the occasion of National Deworming programme. This was stated here today by Ms. Vini Mahajan, Additional Chief Secretary (Health), Punjab.

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