Vitamin D in pregnancy may shield babies from asthma

Taking vitamin D supplements in pregnancy can positively change the immune response of the newborn baby, which could help to protect against respiratory infections and asthma, says a study.

Unhygienic food major cause of neuro disorders among children: Dr Pratibha Singhi

Chandigarh:  India's renowned pediatric neurologist, Prof Dr Pratibha Singhi, Director Pediatric Neurology and Neuro-Development at Medanta said that there are large number of children suffering from neuro dysfunctions like epilepsy or stunted growth due to rampant insanitation and unhygienic food being consumed. 

Lung cancer ups suicide risk in men: Study

New York, Men diagnosed with lung cancer had a nine-fold increased risk of suicides, the highest compared to breast, prostate, colorectal cancer, researchers say.

Ex-AIIMS head Misra awarded rare honorary fellowship

New Delhi, Former AIIMS Director and internationally renowned surgeon M.C. Misra has been awarded the honorary fellowship of prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, a first for an Indian doctor in the last five years.

India's generics project can bring down medicine costs globally: WHO India head (IANS Interview)

New Delhi,  As the government gears up to push generic medicines to bring down costs for patients, World Health Organisation (WHO) representative in India Henk Bekedam has stated that the move, if successfully implemented, will not only reduce the cost of medicines within the country but also globally.

3.3-million-year-old fossil unravels origins of human spine

New York,  An analysis of a 3.3 million years old fossil skeleton has revealed portions of the human spinal structure that enable efficient walking motions were established much earlier than previously thought.

Air pollution linked to DNA damage in children, teenagers

New York,  High levels of traffic-related air pollution may lead to a specific type of DNA damage called telomere shortening in children and teenagers, warns a study.

Harsh Vardhan gets additional charge of Environment Ministry

New Delhi,  Union Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan was on Thursday given additional charge of the Environment Ministry following the death of Union Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave, an official statement said.

Chikungunya outbreak in Dhaka due to sporadic rains

Dhaka, Chikungunya disease has been spreading rapidly in Dhaka following intermittent rains, and the government has asked people to be alert about the mosquito-borne viral infection, a media report said.

Hypertension can put you at increased risk of stroke (May 17 is World Hypertension Day)

New Delhi,  Ignorance, people say, is bliss. Not so with hypertension though. For, uncontrolled high blood pressure, if left untreated over a prolonged period, can cause a stroke by damaging the blood vessels in the brain, health experts have warned.

Diabetes drug may improve a autism associated disorder

London, An oral drug widely used to treat high blood sugar levels may improve symptoms for people suffering with a common inherited form of autism, new research shows.

Italy to take act against parents not vaccinating their children

Rome, The Italian government is planning unspecified sanctions against parents who fail to immunise children attending state school, Italian Schools Minister Valeria Fedeli said on Monday.

US teen dies from too much caffeine

Too much caffeine caused the death of a 16-year-old high school student from US' South Carolina state who collapsed during class last month, according to a county coroner.

Nadda launches pneumonia, meningitis vaccine

Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda on Saturday launched a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine under the Universal Immunisation Programme that protects a child against severe forms of pneumococcal disease.

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