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DIY skincare tips for summer

The sun, dust and pollution can take a toll on your skin. Look for some simple home remedies to take care of skin woes, to soothe and calm the skin every evening after a long day of environmental onslaught, say experts.

Ways to hide tummy bulge in summer

Opt for long flowy tops and empire line dresses to hide your tummy bulge, say experts.

Potable water from air? New device may make it possible

New research promises a potential new technology for sustainable harvesting of drinking water -- from air.

Rajesh Khanna wanted Twinkle Khanna to be a writer

Former actress and now writer Twinkle Khanna says her father and late legendary actor Rajesh Khanna wanted her to be a writer.

Expressing gratitude may help boost your relationship, health

Struggling to save your relationship? Try and express gratitude, which may not only boost your relationship, but also enhance your psychological and physical well-being, a study has found.

Add some flower touch in your summer wardrobe

Pack away the warm hues of winter and say hello to lively corals and florals because it's time to usher in the summer! Floral is one trend that can never go out of fashion, say experts.

10 new designers to make India Runway Week debut

Ten new designers are set to debut at the eighth edition of the India Runway Week, which will begin here on April 28.

'Top Chef' India would be a dream season: Judge

She has never been to India, but fell in love with "desi" food and spices after seeing Padma Lakshmi's passion for them. Gail Simmons, judge of "Top Chef", says exploring the Indian gastronomical story through a season of the Emmy-Award winning TV show in India is a distant dream.

How to maintain shine of jewellery

Avoid wearing jewellery to shower, in the pool or during any activity in contact with water, and also keep perfumes, harsh cosmetics and make-up away from your jewellery pieces, say experts.

Women prefer looks over other traits in men

While looking for a potential partner, women are likely to choose men who are physically attractive, no matter how respectful, friendly, ambitious or intelligent the others may be, a study has shown.

How to offer healthy diet to children

Pile on nutrition on your childs plate and make it look yummy yet healthy, say experts.

Main te mera Bachpan , take a stroll down memory lane with Ravneet Sangha

We all have our favorite comfort food, our favorite thing or act we do when we need to feel whole and secure again. I have one too, I stumbled into by chance, and one day thanks to these advent in technology I found an old recording of Asa Di Vaar that had been sung in the 60’s. It was this recording of the asa di vaar that immediately transports me to my grandfather. He used to listen to it on his radio when I was growing up. One of the things that comes back immediately is his embrace, his bukkal that was for me without any judgment, all embracing accepting for me.

Navratra diet: Restaurants shift to healthier low-calorie dishes

When it comes to "fasting" during the Navratras, people usually opt for puris, pakoras and sweets, but keeping in mind the health-conscious generation, restaurants in different Indian cities have experimented with innovative and alternative low-calorie dishes to cater to the tastes of the new age devout.

Hug your baby for the lil one's good health

Celebrity mother Mira Rajput would rather stay at home than be away from her baby, and actress Kareena Kapoor Khan took no time in getting back to the groove after her son was born. Mothers have different ways of bringing up a baby, but they shouldn't forget to hug their bundle of joy, say experts.

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