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Is your hair summer ready?

Summers are a great time to be out in the sun, feel the sand under your feet and soak in the warm summer breeze but its not just skin that needs to be protected in the scorching weather but also hair. One can follow some do it yourself remedies like hot oil massage and washing less often to make tresses summer ready.

Where art is a learning, therapy and creative hub

A magnificently elegant interior dotted with all things artistic -- surreal paintings, graffiti and moving quotations etched on its walls -- houses, to the wonder of many, young and enthusiastic children happily learning tidbits of art. And from whom? No, not amateur teachers but top professional artists.

Brazilian designer brings out Princess line for Indian market

Princess-like ensembles by Brazilian-born designer Daniella Helayel, whose sapphire blue silk creation was worn by Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton when her engagement to Prince William was announced, will now be available in India.

The irreducible bond between photography and memories

In today's digital world, where phones and sharing platforms have revolutionised the speed at which we transform the present into the past, we must ask whether photography has, in fact, become a memory.

Theatre, music, art under one roof at Navras festival

Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) in the Pink City is all set to play host to the second edition of its performing arts festival, Navras and bring together some ethereal elements from the art, culture and music space under one roof.

Having children may increase your lifespan

Although parenthood may have its share of woes, it could also hold the key to long life, particularly in older age, when health and capacity may start to decline, finds a new study.

Steeped in luxury, Dubai will awe you in more ways than you can think of (Travelogue)

Board an Emirates flight and all the complaints that one is accustomed to in most budget airlines are instantly sidelined. Comfort and luxury set in as you prepare to take off. You land at a spectacular airport, drenched in glitz and pomp. This is Dubai, the city that literally spells luxury.

Savour sub-continental food at Hilton Chennai

After India's frontiers got realigned during partition in 1947, the cuisine of the countries beyond our borders got confined within their own boundaries. To overcome that, the Hilton Chennai's Ayna restaurant is hosting an "India-Beyond Borders" food festival with vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Buying a pressure cooker? Here's your checklist

Over the years, the quality and design of pressure cookers have changed drastically from being boringly normal to contemporary and stylish. Choose the size according to the number of family members you have and choose a cooker with thicker aluminium or steel walls, says an expert.

Hybrid smartwatch revenue to cross $1 bn in 2017

The hybrid smartwatch segment will cross $1 billion mark in revenue in 2017, almost doubling annually, market analytics firm Counterpoint Research said.

Say bye to Holi after-effects with lemon, coconut oil

Do you stay away from colours on Holi for the fear of its after-effects? Instead, stock up on coconut oil, sesame seed oil and lemon for post-Holi skincare regime, says an expert.

You too can gain super-sized memory with training

Far from being limited to a gifted few, the ability to perform astonishing feats of memory, such as remembering lists of several dozen words, can be learned, say researchers.

Some easy ways to maintain your leather shoes

When you spend oodles of money on a nice pair of leather shoes, it is important to maintain them well too. Add a layer of rubber at the bottom of the sole and keep your leather shoes away from direct sunlight, suggests an expert.

'Don't need favours, skills enough for women'

Notwithstanding the notion that society is still discomfited by the progress of women, a clutch of female technopreneurs and faculty at Indias oldest IIT, the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur, have called for inculcating gender equity in young minds and providing opportunities based on merit and not on gender -- emphasising skills and confidence are enough to climb to the top.

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