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Reliance Jewels celebrates the free spirit of women with a brand new collection

Reliance Jewels celebrates the free spirit of women with a brand new collection.Designer Garima Maheshwari incorporates elements of swings and the Kadamba flower to symbolize freedom.

Want to ace an exam? Share with friends what you learned

While preparing for an exam, sharing with a classmate the information that you have studied, may help you recall better and for a longer time compared with just re-reading the notes, a study has found.

How men can battle skin problems

With men becoming increasingly conscious about their looks, it can help to give specific attention to skin care, says an expert.

Keep acne at bay -- here's how

They come uninvited, and can stay on for long - acne is a common problem that most of us go through. Drinking lots of water, eating a balanced diet and keeping the skin clean can help you keep them at bay, says an expert.

When to consult marriage counsellor

 Are you finding yourself having less discussions with your partner or thinking of an extra-marital relationship? If so, it's time to consult a marriage counsellor, suggests an expert.

Joy is the natural choice for every human being: Sadhguru

 Who does not want joy? It is, after all, the "basic fabric" of life, the "natural choice" of every human being. And yet, it is only an "occasional visitor" in most of our lives. This is because, says world-renowned spiritual master Sadhguru, our bodies and minds are not taking instructions from us. But there's a way out -- and the way out is in.

Older people care less about education while choosing partner

People dating online are more likely to date those with the same level of education as them, but they care less about an intellectual match as they get older, a new research found.

Men more likely to show-off on social media

London, Jan 14 (IANS) In order to show-off to friends, collect 'likes' on social media and to feel good about themselves, men are more likely to post their privacy away, a study has found.

Must-have work shoes for every woman

Who says that shoes meant for office are boring? Instead, there are a plethora of styles that are extremely classy for a highly-appealing and confident professional look. Try for block-heeled or flaunt wonderful wedges at work, says an expert.

My Beeji , A Nostalgic Piece by Ravneet Sangha

The sidetable still was pristine and in order, the faint lingering fragrance of Boroline in the characteristic green and cream color lingered in the air reminding me of Her Johnson’s tube and her comb, still lay there.

Not all selfie lovers are narcissists

Contrary to the common perception that people who post frequent selfies on social media platforms are generally narcissists, a new study now says selfie lovers may have different motives which often extend beyond self-obsession and showing off.

Know the difference between real, fake leather jackets

With a number of options available in leather jackets, it's easy to get duped. Know the difference between fake and genuine leather by the texture and odour, says an expert.

Five tricks to beautify eyes

Arm yourself with an eye primer, highlighter, mascara and more to make your eyes beautiful, says a make-up artist.

Beginner's guide to glowing skin

 Get glowing healthy skin by using skin care products with ingredients like humectants, says an expert.

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